Little Flower Catholic Church and School

Little Flower Catholic School uses the Alabama State Standards as a basis for curriculum.  Additional standards are set by the Archdiocese of Mobile Office of Catholic Schools.

Alabama Course of Studies link

Office of Catholic Schools link

​Archdiocese of Mobile link

Little Flower Catholic School is accredited through SACS/CASI


Students who have experienced loss through divorce, death, parent deployment or in other ways are invited to participate in the Rainbows For All Children Program.

Rainbows link

Some of our middle School teachers are a part of the "ACE" Alliance for Catholic Education program.  This program is part of an partnership with Notre Dame University.  They are college graduates working on a masters in education while serving (2 years) as teachers in Catholic schools with need.

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Students at Little Flower receive daily instruction in the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Each Friday and on Holy Days of Obligation students attend Mass.  Classes are assigned preparation responsibilities for reading, selecting music, and ushering.  Catholic students in grade two prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist.  

The Core Curriculum 

The curriculum is rooted in the Alabama State
Course of Study and is enhanced through the efforts of the classroom teachers in conjunction with the Office of Catholic Schools.

 The Arts

The arts are taught within the regular curriculum, using volunteers, and a part-time teacher.


Little Flower has a quaint library with a continuously growing collection.   Students are required to participate in the Accelerated Reading Program which checks comprehension and awards points.


Students are provided scheduled opportunities to work in the lab or using tablets for keyboarding skills, academic skills, and special projects.


Students in grades K-5 are instructed in basic Spanish weekly.  Students in grades 6-8 receive daily instruction .



PreK 3 - Mrs. Lisa Raynor                     email

PreK 4 - Mrs. Patsy White                      email

Kindergarten - Ms. Cathy Wagner      

1st Grade - Ms. Elisabeth Harbaugh    

2nd Grade - Ms. Sandi Christian    

3rd Grade  - Miss Renee' Cherry           

4th Grade - Miss Katie Patterson          

5th Grade - Miss Stephanie Latuso       

6th Grade -Miss  Helen Maduka           
                     SS and Religion

6-8 Grade - Mrs. Kelly Poole                

7th Grade - Miss Emma Solak              
                       Language Arts

8th Grade - Mr. Colby Griffin                 

Spanish K-5 - Mrs. Sonya Garcia-Vasque                                                                       email

Spanish 6-8 - Mrs. Stone                       email

K-4 Title I Tutor - Ms. Pennie Deihs      
Resource 5-8  -  Vacancy                      

P . E. - Vacancy                                     

Library Media - Ms. Betty Blanchard    

Art/Rainbows/Mentor - Clara Brunk      

Cafeteria - Mrs. Carmen Tuite (Manager)

Custodial - Mr. John Portella
                  Mrs. Sharon Portella

Maintenance - Mr. Bill Vogtner

Secretary - Mrs. Loretta Daffin              email

Tuition - Mrs. Beverly Crews