Little Flower Catholic Church and School


2015-2016  Annual Fund Report

 Little Flower Catholic Church 2016-2017 Annual Fund

 Select where you would like your donation to be used.
        Where it is most needed
         Church Project: Upgrade fence and refurbish the                                     yard behind the convent.  
         School Project:  Replace the niche statue and                                       landscape the front of the school.

                          All gifts are appreciated!
  I am enclosing
   a gift of: $_______ or
  a monthly sustaining gift of $_______

Recognition Opportunities
           $1,000. - Church pew plaque     
                           honoring deceased individuals.   
            $500. -an engraved fence plaque.
            $250.- an engraved leaf on the 
                                               “Wall of Roses.”

    City, State, Zip:                                              
 I would like this gift to be:
   In honor of:                                                                                   
   In memory of:                                          
               Thank you for your generosity! 

               Thank you for your amazing generosity!

Our goals were surpassed with a grand total of  $23, 200.

Goal 1 was to beautify the church with new Stations of the Cross. 
They are stunning.

Goal 2was technology tools for our students. IPad Airs and a charging station were purchased for use in the middle school

                     ​You made dreams come true!