Little Flower Catholic Church and School


Sr. Mary Huberta Sullivan  1934-1939

Sr. Mary Jovita Melody 1939-1944

Sr. Mary Una McGrath 1944-1948

Sr. John Joseph Byrne 1984-1954

Sr. Mary Bennett Howenstein 1954-1959

Sr. Mary Vivian Curtin 1959-1962

Sr. Mary Jerome Mulligan 1962-1968

Sr. Margaret Alice Daues 1968-1973

Sr. Anne Souto    1973-1974

Sr. Anne Brennan & 

      Sr. Jane Schaper (Team Admin.)1974-1977

 Sr. Jane Schaper 1977-1982                              

Sr. Mary Joyce Bringer,CSJ  1982-2005

Clara Brunk  2005-2015

Alesa Weiskopf 2015-present

Our History

Our mission

The mission of Little Flower Catholic Church at the Loop is to unite all people in the love and service of Jesus Christ through our school and parish ministries.

The first school building was erected in 1934 and opened with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet 

The church began in 1928 at the home of William Jones under the leadership of Fr. Jimmy Byrnes.  The completed church building was  dedicated in 1929 by Bishop Toolen.


​Fr. Jimmy Byrnes  1928-1966
Bishop Joseph Vath   1966-1969
Monsignor David Sullivan 1970-1977
Fr. Timothy Deasy 1977-1989
Fr. Matthew Sindik 1989-1991
Monsignor Maurice Shields  1991-1993
Fr. Mark Neske  1993-2002
Fr. David Carruci  2002-2005
Fr. John Lynes  2005-present