Nurture Your Green Thumb:         Our grounds always need                                                                a little love.  

Read With or To our Students:      Children love the extra                                                                   help and attention.

Make copies for teachers:    


Teach an art lesson:                        Looking for artists or                                                                       crafters

Help with Spelling Bee Prep:          After School hours

Work with Scholars Bowl Prep:      After School hours

Be a Coach or Assistant:                Volleyball, Basketball,                                                                       Soccer

Help with Fundraisers:                  Spring Fling,  
                                                         Halloween  Carnival,

Help with Scouts:

Monitor Students at Lunch:


Collect and send in These


 Zoghby Uniform Vouchers

 Copy Paper

 Art Paper/Supplies (brushes watercolors,                                  paints...)

 Physical Education Equipment

 White Board Markers

 Plexiglass doors for the trophy shelves

 55 Inch TVs & ipads for use with the TV

 Children's Books for the Library

Little Flower Catholic Church and School

People are always asking, "How Can I Help?"

Please explore these options and feel free to suggest more!