Little Flower Catholic Church and School

                         Spelling Bee

                 Parents and students,
     Get ready for the 2017 -18 spelling bee! 

 Go to
 where you can find word lists and activities to  help you practice.

 It is never too early to begin!

 Little Flower’s spelling bee, to determine those  going to the Archdiocese Bee, will be held on  January  2018.  The Archdiocesan Bee will be  held on January ?  at St. Pius X.

 We are looking for a parent who would like to  head up a “Spelling Bee Club”  to help prepare  and focus our students.  This club would meet  one afternoon a week immediately after  school.

 Are you interested?

 On that website you will find this menu:

 Asian Languages
 Slavic Languages
 Old English
 New World Languages
 Words You Need To Know

 Start preparing now and let’s put Little Flower  in first place!

             National Junior Honor Society




  • Only those students who have attended Little Flower Catholic School the last school year will be eligible for the January Honor Society selection.
  • Transfer students who are members of another NJHS Honor Society are automatically accepted once documentation has been provided. 
  • Students who have been enrolled in Little Flower Catholic School for the entire current school year are eligible for the May selection


 Students must maintain a 3.5 grade point  average.

               OTHER REQUIREMENTS:
 Students are required to meet the  guidelines  for each of the following categories as well.  

     Community Service             Character
     Citizenship                          Leadership

  • Documentation is the responsibility of the student.  
  • Teachers will use a rubric rating scale.
  •    The final decision will be the responsibility of the adviser and the principal.


                        Scholar's Bowl

 Scholar’s Bowl is a competition consisting of  questions and answers on topics such as  history, literature, math, geography and l  language arts and science. It is played by  students in grades 6-8. Participants benefit  from exposure to a broad range of school and  cultural subjects, memorizationand study skills,  and an improved ability to cooperate and work  in teams.

 The game is typically played with a lockout  buzzer system between two teams, most  commonly consisting of four or five players  each. A moderator reads questions to the  teams, whose players endeavor to buzz in first  with the correct answer, scoring points for their  team.

 Scholar’s Bowl teams are typically chosen by:

  • Grade point average
  • Standardized test results (Iowa)
  • Teacher recommendation

 And the final teams are identified in a “Buzz  Off” held in early September.

 A great way to prepare is to watch Jeopardy,  have knowledge of current events, maps,  math skills, and classical literature.

 Students who qualify are required to attend  scheduled after-school study sessions. 


           Student Government Association


               2017-2018 Officers
 Karen Tran                   President
 Victoria Tourne'            1st  Vice President

 Mia Uribe                      2nd Vice President
 Lucille Westbrook         Secretary
 Jazmyn Lang                Treasurer

Abby Grosvenor             Staff Liaison

Jordan Reiser                Public Relations

 Miss Elisabeth Harbaugh      Sponsor

                     SGA Preamble
 We, the students of Little Flower Catholic  School, in order to form a more perfect  learning environment, believe that:

  • All students and staff, regardless of gender, religion, color or creed should have the opportunity to be involved.
  • All participants in the SGA should be responsible members.
  • The student government should be based on democratic principles.
  • All staff and students should work to create a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • All students shall have certain rights and freedoms as guaranteed to them as students of the school.

 Election/appointments of the Executive Board  shall take place in April/May the spring before t  the year of service. Grade Representatives will  be chosen in August/September of each year.

 The power of the Student Government is  provided by the administration. Within t  this authority, the SGA general assembly  and executive board shall have the  power to pass legislation in matters

 concerning the best interests of the

 student body. All actions of the Student  Government are subject to the approval by the  principal.  

                      Student Rubric
                      Teacher Rubric
                   Service Verification